Scaling Azure Functions from Consumption Plan to Premium Plan (and back again)

In this post, we use the az cli to move an Azure Function app from a Consumption Plan to a Premium Plan (and back again).

Monsters Weekly 165 - WaitAndRetry with Polly

Polly the transient application error handling block for .NET is able to handle some pretty complex scenarios. In this episode we’ll expand on the simple retry we set up in a previous episode ( by handling multiple kinds of errors and introducing WaitAndRetry for exponential back-off.

Monsters Weekly 164 - Using Feature Filters in Microsoft.FeatureManagement

In our second episode in the series exploring Feature Flags using the Microsoft.FeatureManagment library, Monster Dave explores the built in Percentage and TimeWindow feature filters. Feature filters allow us to go beyond simple On / Off settings for features in our application.

Previous Episode - #163: Getting Started with Feature Flags -

Deploying a Static Site to Azure Using the az CLI

The az command line interface (cli) is a powerful tool for creating, modifying and deploying to Azure resources. Since it's a cli AND cross platform, it's also a great tool for automating your deployments. In this post, we'll use the az cli to deploy a static site to Azure.

Azure App Configuration Expired Token

I moved one of the products I help maintain over to using Azure’s excellent App Configuration tool. But one of the other developers on the team started to have problems with it. When loading the configuration in Azure Functions they got an error: The access token has expired

Monsters Weekly 163 - Getting Started with Feature Flags

In today’s episode, Monster Dave get’s us started with Feature Flags in ASP.NET Core using the Microsoft.FeatureManagement library. Watch to see how easy it is to incorporate Feature Flags into an existing application, giving you the ability to turn features on and off using simple ASP.NET Core configuration.

Monsters Weekly 162 - Replacing Let's Encrypt with Managed Certificates in App Services

I’ve been using Let’s Encrypt for ages to get SSL on my website but the poor Azure integration is getting me down. In this episode we go into using an Azure managed certificate instead.

Monsters Weekly 161 - Simple Retry Policy with Polly

Exceptions in production are a matter of course for any distributed application like a web app. Instead of just crashing the application when an error occurs we can sometimes be a little smarter. In this episode we take a look a the Polly library for handling transient faults.

Monsters Weekly 160 - Azure App Config for Full Framework

In the last episode dealing with Azure App Config,(found here:…) we used App Config in a .NET Core project. It is also possible to upgrade your older apps to make use of this tooling. App.config and Web.config can also take advantage of using Azure App Config

Monsters Weekly 159 - Managing Database Migrations

When dealing with changes to a database schema, it’s important to manage those changes in a way that is repeatable across your team and various environments. Watch as Simon and James us DbUp to add database migrations to an existing database and immediately level up on DevOps for that project.