The Monsters Weekly - Episode 148 - WebWindow

In this week’s episode, we explore Steve Sanderson’s latest experiment: WebWindow. What is WebWindow, when might we use it, and why are we so darn excited about it?

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 147 - Runtime View Compilation in Development Environment

As of ASP.NET Core 3 Razor views are pre-compiled by default. This is great for performance in a staging or production environment but can really show things down in a developer environment because it requires us to restart the app anytime we make a change to a razor file. In this episode, Monster Dave shows us how to re-enable runtime view compilation in development environments.

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 146 - WebForms Dependency Injection

Dependency injection is a way to make your code more pluggable and thus more testable. In this video we attempt (and succeed) to add some dependency injection to an ASP.NET WebForms app just like Grandma use to make..

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 145 - Mediatr Pipeline Behaviours

MediatrR allows for decoupling behaviours making testing easier and allowing you to understand an application more easily. In this episode, we’ll look at a part of MediatR which allows for hooking into the pipeline and doing Aspect-Oriented Programming.

Our previous episode on MediatR

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 144 - Parsing Command Line Arguments

Parsing command-line arguments in .NET applications has always been a bit of a pain. There are lots of libraries which make things easier. In today’s episode, we look at System.CommandLine and how it magically makes parsing arguments a snap.


The Monsters Weekly - Episode 143 - Sending Trace Logs to Application Insights

This week, we continue our exploration of Application Insights. Watch Dave configure an ASP.NET Core to send all log message to Application Insights and we also dip our toes into writing Log Analytics queries.

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 142 - Customizing Application Insights using Telemetry Initializers

This week, we continue our mini series exploring Application Insights. Monster Dave shows us the importance of setting a Cloud Role Name and how to do that using a custom telemetry initializer.

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 141 - Getting started with Application Insights and ASP.NET Core

Application Insight can provide you with tons of useful information about how your application is performing. In this week’s episode, Dave shows us how to get started with Application Insights and ASP.NET Core.

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 140 - Microservices using Endpoint Routing

A microservice, by definition, should be small. Just how small could we make a microservice using ASP.NET Core. In this week’s episode, Dave explores building a microservice without using API Controllers.

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 139 - Endpoint Routing

The EndpointRoutingMiddleware in ASP.NET Core provides a more consistent approach to configuring routes in ASP.NET Core 3. In this week’s episode, Monster Dave takes a look at the changes introduced in ASP.NET Core 3 and how to use the UseRouting and UseEndpoints methods when configuring your HTTP Pipeline.