The Monsters Weekly - Episode 37 - Compiling a Custom Bootstrap Template with Gulp

Have you ever wanted to change the default Bootstrap colors and styling but weren’t sure how to do that without making Bootstrap upgrades difficult to manage?

In today’s episode, Monster Dave shows us how easy it is to customize Bootstrap and compile it from source using Less and Gulp.

Show Links:

LESS plugin for Gulp ->

Bootstrap ->

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 35 - Distributed Cache Tag Helper

The anxiously awaited ASP.NET Core RC2 has finally landed and with it we have a shiny new tag helper to explorer.

In today’s video, monster Dave takes us through the new Distributed Cache tag helper and how it differs from the Cache tag helper we explored in Episode 21.

More details available here:


ASP.NET Core Distributed Cache Tag Helper

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 34 - Routing

In episode 34 the blue monster, Simon, discusses the basics of routing

  • Where are routes defined?
  • What’s the default route?
  • How can you add additional parameters to be extracted from the route

For more information about routing  you can checkout

and the soon to be added

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 33 - RC2 is here!

It finally happened! The long awaited ASP.NET Core RC2 has arrived. In today’s episode, monsters Simon and Dave discuss RC2 and changes to the File - New Project templage. We also weigh in on the project.json controversy and talk about why some bits are still labeled as "Preview 1".

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 32 - In-Memory Caching with ASP.NET Core

When you don’t want to make a trip to the database or an external service on each request, caching provides a mechanism to help improve performance and make your site hum along nicely.

In this episode, Monster James configures a simple caching scenario in an ASP.NET Core MVC application and demonstrates how to configure sliding and absolute expiry, along with setting options for cache priority.

Some other videos to help you along with features mentioned in this video:


The Monsters Weekly - Episode 31 - Migrating to Bootstrap 4

The process for referencing and updating client side packages has changed in ASP.NET Core. Instead of using Nuget for packages like jQuery and Bootstrap, the default project template uses the Bower package manager.

Join Monster Dave as he walks us through using Bower to update to the latest alpha bits Bootstrap 4. We’ll cover the Visual Studio tooling and the new Tag Helpers related to referencing JS and CSS files. 

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The Monsters Weekly - Episode 30 - dotnet on OSX

In episode 30 we attempt to get dotnet running on OSX by following the directions on the website. Things don’t go quite as well as hoped and Simon ends up trying to read the C++ source code for dotnet to figure out why things aren’t working. 

Turns out that dotnet is not supported on OS X 10.9 We’ll update and try this again later. 


Horrible looking C++ which is probably the problem

Thanks to Andy or @Inumedia who gave out sage advice on the dotnet/cli Gitter channel. 

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 29 - Working with Developer Pages

When things go sideways in application development, it’s certainly helpful to have more than just the dreaded yellow screen of death.  ASP.NET Core has really augmented the developer experience via some interesting extensibility points that you can leverage from the default template.

Join Monster Dave as he walks us through the different developer pages that ship with the default template. We’ll also talk a little about the kinds of ways you could use this approach in your projects with custom middleware of your own.