The Monsters Weekly - Episode 53 - Web API with Guest Eric Fleming

Controller from both MVC and Web API have been merged into the same code base, so creating APIs are even easier and as lightweight as we’d like (or as feature-rich as we need).

Authentication and authorization work well, but we have to be aware of the pitfalls and the different contexts under which we may be exposing our APIs to the outside world. In this episode, guest Monster Eric Fleming cracks open a new API controller and starts returning some data, then we dive in to see how basic security only stands up to basic attacks. 

Watch for a future episode when we take additional measures to protect the API even further.

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 52 - Loading View Components from a Class Library

View Components are a new feature in ASP.NET Core MVC and they provide a great way to build small components that can be reused across your application. In today’s episode, Dave shows us how to load view components from a class library so they can be shared across several applications.


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The Monsters Weekly - Episode 51 - An Intro to Nginx for Kestrel

Kestrel is a great light weight server for serving ASP.NET Core web applications. However it doesn’t support such things as SSL or gzip or http2. In order to get that functionality you need to put another web server in front of it. Nginx is a great feature rich web server which can act as a front for Kestrel. In this episode we’ll explore some of the configuration options for Nginx. 


Monsters post on Nginx

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The Monsters Weekly - Episode 50 - Configuration From Any Source in ASP.NET Core

We’re not quite sure if it’s time to rethink how or where we think of and save out our configuration, but with the evolution of configuration in ASP.NET Core, we know that it’s at least possible to do so. In this episode, join the Monsters as James demonstrates how to store configuration information in an image in what might possibly be "the best use of computers ever."

While this is a lighthearted episode for sure, it does dive into the complete technical implementation of a custom configuration provider with the capability of refreshing itself when the file containing the configuration is updated.

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Summer of Config

Announcing the ASP.NET Monsters “Summer of Config” Contest

Awwwyeah, here it is, the next contest brought to you by the ASP.NET Monsters. We have some great prizes and we’re sure hoping that you can have a lot of fun, even if you don’t cash in with the win.

The Summer of Config is all about creating the wackiest, most insane configuration provider that you can dream up. We want you jammin’ on the ASP.NET Core code, bringing us your questions, experimenting with the code and seeing your creativity. BRING IT ON!

An Intro to NGINX for Kestrel

Loading View Components from a Class Library in ASP.NET Core MVC

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 49 - Right Click Deployment

Got your app all ready to ship but nowhere to ship it to? Why not try Azure? In this episode we deploy our application to Azure App Services. 

Here are some links for you to chew on:

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 48 - Configuring Entity Framework

The patterns used for configuring Entity Framework Core are a little different when compared to previous versions of EF. In today’s episode, Dave takes us through the OptionsBuilder pattern and a couple different methods of wiring it up to your DbContext classes.

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The Monsters Weekly - Episode 47 - Julie Lerman and the State of EF Core

Are you getting ready to start exploring ASP.NET Core? Have you considered which ORM you’re going to work with? In this episode the Monsters kidnap are joined by special guest Julie Lerman to talk about EF Core, the next version of Entity Framework.

There are new great things, but there are also pieces you may have grown accustomed to that are no longer (or not yet) in EF Core. We talk about the move to open source, options we have, some best practices and some great tips to help you keep your project on track and decide what the right strategy may be for your team.

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