You're using HttpClient wrong and it is destabilizing your software

I’ve been using HttpClient wrong for years and it finally came back to bite me. My site was unstable and my clients furious, with a simple fix performance improved greatly and the instability disapeared.


At the same time I actually improved the performance of the application through more efficient socket usage.

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 61 - Building APIs with Darrel Miller

In this episode of the Monsters we are joined by community expert Darrel Miller, and we talk about a wide variety of API development topics ranging from standards to best practices to doing things wrong (i.e., anything to do with versioning). We also have a pretty good chat about API Management in Azure (Darrel is on that team, making it better one byte at a time).

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 60 - Projections with Entity Framework Core

Join Monster Dave as he takes a deeper look at queries generated by Entity Framework Core. Learn how to generate efficient SQL queries using LINQ Projections as we continue building RawwwwR, our almost functional Twitter clone.

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EP57 - Loading Related Data with EF Core

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 59 - The Razor View Engine with Taylor Mullen

In today’s episode, we learn about Razor from special guest Taylor Mullen. Taylor works for Microsoft on the ASP.NET team where he works on the Razor view engine.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve been on MVC for some time, or if you’ve continued on with Web Forms, chances are you seen or worked with Razor. Further odds suggest that you may have learned syntax, but a lot of folks (Monsters included!) still had questions about the inner workings.

Why are there different ways to switch to code? How can I be more terse in my syntax? More explicit? And where have the bumblebees gone? Fire up Visual Studio and mash along with us as we dive into the details of Razor syntax.

For more information on topics in this episode:

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The Monsters Weekly - Episode 58 - Nginx, Kestrel and SSL

In an earlier episode we explored how to use Nginx to front a Kestrel server. In this episode we will explore adding SSL and HTTP 2 using Let’s Encrypt for a free certificate. 


Our blog post about doing this:

Nginx home page:

SSL labs test tool:

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 57 - Loading Related Data with Entity Framework Core

Entity Framework Core doesn’t support lazy loading yet which means you need to explicitly tell Entity Framework what related data to include when querying for an entity. In today’s episode, Monster Dave shows us how to load related data using the .Include and .ThenInclude extension methods.


Getting Nginix up and running on an Ubuntu Box with SSL and HTTP2

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 56 - Summer of Config Prize Update

In this bonus episode we update everybody on the new expanded prize packages for the Summer of Config contest. We already have some amazing entries using things like Twitter or GPS to configure applications. Still plenty of time to get your entry in. I haven’t seen anybody configuring their application based on a lava lamp or on the position of Jupiter in the night sky. With the expanded prizes you’d be crazy not to enter.


Check out the contest announcement video  or read the blog post or watch the video that started it all

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 55 - Jeffrey Palermo on Moving the Business to ASP.NET Core

Shiny new things are shiny and new! …but that kind of argument isn’t going to win you management over when you explain to them that you need to take your team offline for the next 6 months while you rewrite the app on ASP.NET Core.

But! There will be a right time for your team, and likely a right approach, too. Join special guest Jeffrey Palermo with Monsters Simon and James as they mash on the finer points of making the move to .NET Core. In this episode, they talk about the pitfalls you might run into, some safe approaches you can take and tips that will help you along the way as you focus on features instead of technology. 

Do you have questions about when or if it’s right for your team? Ask us in the comments below!

You can catch up with Jeffrey on the Twitters.

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 54 - Static Compilation in ASP.NET Core

The dotnet tool will, by default, produce a .dll file even if you’ve asked it to emit an entry point and you’re building a command line tool. What should you do if what you want is really a .exe file? What has changed in .NET Core compilation overall?

Watch today’s episode to find out!

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