The Monsters Weekly - Episode 104 - Deploy Virtual Applications in Azure App Service

Did you know that you can deploy multiple applications to a single Web App in Azure App Service? In today’s episode, Dave explores this virtually unknown feature of Virtual Applications in Azure App Service. Learn how to create a virtual application and how to deploy your ASP.NET Core application to that virtual application. 

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The Monsters Weekly - Episode 103 - Setting Version Numbers on a Build Server

Setting assembly and product version numbers as part of your build process is easier now in .NET Core. In this episode, Dave shows us how to specify version numbers for .NET core assemblies and NuGet packages using command line parameters and how easily that can be integrated into build systems like AppVeyor.

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AppVeyor - Continuous Deliver Services for Windows Developers


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The Monsters Weekly - Episode 102 - Structured Logging with Application Insights

In this episode, we’ll explore how to hook up Application Insights to your ASP.NET Core application using the really excellent Serilog.


Serilog - structured logging for .NET

Seq - structured log searching

Application Insights Serilog sink

Serilog connector for .NET Core Logging