The Monsters Weekly - Episode 82 - Node Services

I can’t remember if NodeJS is still cool or if people are only using it ironically now as they port their applications to something else. In either case there are still a lot of great node modules out there which it would be great to access from our ASP.NET application. In this episode we’ll look at Node Services an approach to call out to Node from inside an ASP.NET MVC Core controller. 



Integration Testing with Entity Framework Core and SQL Server

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 81 - Invoking View Components as Tag Helpers

A new feature in ASP.NET Core 1.1 allows us to invoke view components as tag helpers. Monster Dave shows us how to enable this new feature.

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The Monsters Weekly - Episode 80 - ASP.NET 1.1 was Released...Time to Pump the Brakes?

ASP.NET Core 1.1, .NET Core 1.1, EF Core 1.1 and a multitude of other packages have all been released, but is now the time to adopt?

In this episode Monsters Dave and James talk about the release of ASP.NET 1.1 and how it will affect your projects. They mash on the tooling, upgrading a package and their experiences so far and hint at a few topics that are coming in future episodes.

For additional details on the release, be sure to check out these links:

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The Monsters Weekly - Episode 79 - Code Labs with Jon Galloway

If you’re looking for content that will walk you through, step-by-step, as you transition to ASP.NET Core MVC, you’re in for a treat.

In this episode of the Monsters, Jon Gallaway joins us live on set at Channel 9 studios to talk about the .NET Core community, the Community Standups and, of course, a series of free labs that you can dive into to embrace your inner Core and learn more about the future of MVC.

Check out the labs yourself on GitHub:

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The Monsters Weekly - Episode 78 - Azure Functions with Chris Anderson

Azure Functions have just gone "GA" and are a great way for you to truly leverage the promise of the cloud and it’s ability to scale. In this episode of the Monsters, we have a special guest from the Functions team to break down some of the basics and help us wrap our heads around the Azure offering. 

Join Chris Anderson and the ASP.NET Monsters at the Channel 9 studios as they chat about Azure Functions.

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C# Wildcard Variables

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 77 - Internationalization Part 2 - Request Localization

Are you ready for more Internationalization? Monster Dave talks about the Request Localization Middleware in ASP.NET Core and the three built in RequestCultureProviders.


Internationalization Part 1

ASP.NET Core Docs

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 76 - Curl

Postman is a great tool for exercising HTTP endpoints but sometimes you need a tool you can run in a script or you don’t have access to postman. In that case curl is your friend. In this episode Simon takes us through the basics of curl running on Ubuntu on Windows. 


You can read more about curl at