The Monsters Weekly - Episode 19 - 'Building Advanced Tag Helpers'

Back in Episode 7 we looked at creating custom tag helpers in ASP.NET Core MVC. This week, we take a look at a more advanced scenario where a custom tag helper can be used to cleanup our markup and help enforce consistency.

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 7 'Custom Tag Helpers'

Back in Episode 4 we looked at tag helpers in the Razor View Engine that make some of the lifting we need to do a little lighter when crafting our views. In this edition of the Monsters Weekly we’ll go a little further and create a custom tag helper.

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 4 'Tag Helpers in Razor'

Ready for a great new feature in ASP.NET Core MVC? The Razor view engine now supports a concept called “Tag Helpers” that dramatically reduces the “c-sharp-iness” of your view and gives you something that looks a lot more like HTML. Dave, that Monster, constrasts this to the earlier incarnation known as HTML Helpers.