The Monsters Weekly - Episode 102 - Structured Logging with Application Insights

In this episode, we’ll explore how to hook up Application Insights to your ASP.NET Core application using the really excellent Serilog.


Serilog - structured logging for .NET

Seq - structured log searching

Application Insights Serilog sink

Serilog connector for .NET Core Logging

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 100 - Checking in NuGet Packages

Should we be checking in NuGet packages? Do we want to ensure that we can reliably recreate builds at a later date or do package managers handle all of that for use? In this episode, we try and get to the bottom of this quandary. 

Paket package manager:

Yarn packages manager:


The Monsters Weekly - Episode 101 - Deploying a package Nuget with AppVeyor

Manually deploying NuGet packages to can be a bit of a painful process. Fortunately, many build systems provide the ability to automate NuGet package deployment . In today’s episode, Monster Dave explores deploying NuGet package using AppVeyor

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The Monsters Weekly - Episode ASP.NET Monsters Ep 99 - Front End Tools with David Wesst

There are countless front-end workflows. In what we’re hoping will be the first of a series of episodes on workflows we talk with noted front-end guru and JavaScript master David Wesst ( JavaScript or TypeScript? Gulp or Grunt? Hear what one expert thinks is the best combination. not just for serialization

If you happen to head over to and look at which package has been downloaded the most there is a clear winner: It is in everything, every where. JSON is so wildly ubiquitous that I play a little game with myself when I start a new project: how long can I go before I need to serialize or deserialize JSON and need to pull in I rarely last more than a couple of hours.

But it turns out that there is a lot more that can do.

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 98 - Continious Deployment with AppVeyor

Adding deployment steps to your build pipeline is a lot easier than it used to be. In today’s episode, Monster Dave explores deployments and environment management using the AppVeyor hosted build service.

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The Monsters Weekly - Episode 97 - Hosted ASP.NET Core builds with AppVeyor

A continuous integration (CI) build is a helpful tool for any software project. In today’s episode, Monster Dave explores the AppVeyor hosted build service and shows just how easy it is to setup a CI build for your ASP.NET Core project.

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 96 - ASP.NET and RabbitMQ

In our last episode we set up a Docker container using Windows Containers, in this episode we’ll talk a bit about messaging and then send a message using RabbitMQ. 


ASP.NET Monsters blog on RabbitMQ

MSDN on different message types

RabbitMQ Docs

Cleaning up MassTransit Registration

This blog is part of a series exploring RabbitMQ and MassTransit. Previous episodes are available at

In the last episode I did a lot of handwaving over the mess I made of configuration. There were hard coded values all over the place. In this article we’ll clear up some of the mess we made.

The Monsters Weekly - Episode ASP.NET Monsters Episode 95 - Creating a RabbitMQ Windows Container

Docker is now fully sported on Windows 10. In this episode we’ll see what it takes to avoid installing RabbitMQ locally and, instead, use a Windows container. Keeping RabbitMQ in a container allows standing up a cluster on one physical machine, greater ability to experiment and a high degree of isolation. In the future we expect that a great deal of local development will leverage containers.