Authorize Resource Tag Helper for ASP.NET Core

The Monsters Weekly - Episode 112 - Migrating Knockout to React

The AllReady project has grown over the years and in order to keep it fresh, we’d like to try moving from Knockout to React for our client-side components. In this episode, Simon takes us through replacing a small Knockout component with an equivalent React component


The Monsters Weekly - Episode 111 - Authorize Tag Helper

In this episode, Monster Dave builds a new tag helper that makes it easy to control access to any block HTML in a Razor view. Join us for a tour of the Authorize tag helper

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The Monsters Weekly - Episode 110 - Live Unit Testing

The new live unit testing capabilities of Visual Studio 2017 are a real timesaver. In this video, we take a poke around at them.

Authorize Tag Helper for ASP.NET Core